Possible ‘Joker’ Sequel Maybe in the Works

There is a tiny tease that director Todd Phillips may make a follow-up his hugely successful Joker movie.

Hollywood Reporter dropped an interesting nugget of information in their Hollywood’s Most Powerful Lawyers article. The article featured bios on various lawyers in the industry. Under Warren Dern’s bio, a blurb mentions the Dern and Phillips “struck a deal to co-write the next Joker installment.”

Check out the article’s excerpt.

Client Zack Snyder is back in action with his Justice League cut on HBO Max and the Netflix zombie flick Army of the Dead. Todd Phillips struck a deal to co-write the next Joker installment, while Amy Poehler is booming in the DIY space with Making It and planned spinoff Backing It. Paul Feig is directing the star-packed School for Good and Evil at Netflix, while J.A. Bayona has begun shooting Amazon’s high-profile Lord of the Rings series.

How Likely Are We Getting a ‘Joker’ Sequel?

To be fair, this is far from a confirmation of a Joker sequel. For starters, the article buried the new within a synopsis about a lawyer. That is not exactly the venue one wants to announce internet-breaking news. Secondly, even if the news is true, co-writing a script does not automatically guarantee a sequel. It is a possibility, but not necessarily a for-sure thing, due to the complicated green lighting system.

Still, how interesting would a follow-up be for the film? The original movie was a box office success. It opened to high reviews and made over a billion dollars. It is very tempting for Warner Bros to want to make a second one.

However, the movie’s ending left things very final for the character. What could a sequel possibly have to offer as far as storytelling potential? The reason why the first movie was such a success is because of the intriguing origin story. But with the origin completed, it leaves little areas for a new film to explore. Furthermore, Phillip’s past comments seem to indicate there will be no sequel.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

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