DC First Look – Future State: Gotham #1

Jason Todd fans rejoice! DC Comics have given us a First Look at their forthcoming series Future State: Gotham. The story follows on from Red Hoods adventures, as chronicled in the two month, blockbuster Future State event. Has Jason really turned his back on the Bat-Family to join the Magistrate; or is he their secret weapon, breaking the enemy down from within? This hot new title will reveal all.

Add the fact that issue #1 will also be reprinting a classic Batman tale by the legendary Katsuhiro Otomo – creator of, arguably, the greatest Manga/Anime of all time, Akira – this series is set to be a classic.


Red Hood Hunts Heroes for The Magistrate in this
Manga-Influenced Ongoing Series
Debut Issue Includes Reprint of 1996
Batman: Black and White Story by
AKIRA Creator Katsuhiro Otomo

On Sale May 11, 2021

Although the DC Future State event was only during January and February, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more stories to tell about those possible futures of the DC Universe. And on May 11, fans will find out that the end of DC Future State was just the beginning, especially for Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood.

Forsaking his friends, Red Hood is now a gun-for-hire for The Magistrate, using his role as a costumed vigilante to hunt down other heroes as part of Gotham City mayor Christopher Nakano’s “zero tolerance” policy on masked heroes. Red Hood continues his hero hunting at the top of the food chain, with Tim (Jace) Fox, The Next Batman, in his crosshairs!


Co-written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, this new ongoing series features art by Giannis Milonogiannis, whose black and white artwork provides anime/noirish atmosphere to this series. For fans of both anime and DC, issue #1 includes a special treat: a bonus story, reprinting “The Third Mask,” written and drawn by Katsuhiro Otomo, legendary creator of the iconic manga and anime AKIRA. The story was originally released in issue #4 of Batman: Black and White, on July 10, 1996.

For more information on DC Future State, check out the DC Future State hub page at www.dccomics.com/futurestate. For the latest information on all of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, check out the main website at www.dccomics.com, and follow on social media @DCComics and @thedcnation.

Will you be checking this book out? Dark Knight News’ very own Fay Clark will be reviewing the series, so keep your eyes peeled!

Images and Press Release courtesy of DC Entertainment

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