Grant Morrison Thinks ‘Earth One’ Graphic Novels Will Crossover

Wonder Woman: Earth One and popular Batman writer, Grant Morrison, believes that a crossover between the various Earth One graphic novels is inevitable.

Morrison recently finished their trilogy of Earth One: Wonder Woman graphic novels. Despite each major DC character having a well developed franchise of Earth One novels, they do not operate in a shared universe with one another.

Some of Earth One-interpretations are fairly traditional versions of the characters, like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. However, others are radically different, such as Green Lantern.

Despite this, Morrison still has a solution to maintain their established background, while still crossing over. Think multiverse.

I think someone will consolidate it, eventually, and it will become part of the Omniverse. I mean, that’s what happens. It’s all been quite successful, so I have to imagine my Wonder Woman is eventually going to take place in the same world as Superman. There’s always going to be someone smart like Geoff Johns who can make those connections, so I think it will eventually be absorbed.”

The Future of ‘Earth One’ According to Grant Morrison

For Grant Morrison, they believe the devil is in the details for a crossover. Despite ending their time on Wonder Woman, Morrison says there are plenty of areas in the character’s history that are ripe for exploitation.

Even though [Earth One: Wonder Woman artist] Yanick [Paquette] and I brought our story to its definite conclusion, there are clearly a thousand years in there between what we see happening in the current day and what we see in the future. I mean, Diana is still operating in the future. In fact, she seems to be an agent of the loving authority. Somewhere in there, I think there’s room for all kinds of adventures with this Wonder Woman. We’ll be able to connect that with the other characters, so I’m absolutely sure that will happen.”

DC created Earth One as an imprint in 2010, to showcase new versions of the company’s most iconic characters. They have created graphic novels for Batman, Superman, the Teen Titans, and Green Lantern. DC is planning Earth One: Batman volume 3, Earth One: Aquaman, and Flash.

So, who thinks that an Earth One crossover is possible? Which characters would you be most excited to see meet each other?


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