New Harley Quinn Images Emerge from ‘The Suicide Squad’

Some merchandise Harley Quinn images and her new look in The Suicide Squad have cropped up online, after a user posted the images on Twitter. It may be one of the best still images of Harley’s new outfit thus far. However, the pics are also low resolution, making it difficult to make out all of the details.

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is in a new black-and-red costume. This look seems to take the black-and-red inverse design from her original costume from Batman: The Animated Series. There are also some playing card diamond motifs, over her left chest area, as well as smaller diamond tattoos on her face.

There’s also a giant diamond over one of her eyes. Although it should be noted that the neon pop art style of the images makes it unclear if this is something that will appear in the film, or some artistic license.

The Different Looks of Harley Quinn

Harley’s had quite a few different looks between Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey. While they’ve ranged from grunge, to punk rock, to vibrant, colorful, and over-the-top, none quite resembled her actual comic origins. This latest outfit seems to be the closest thing to reflecting the visuals of the source material.

What do you make of these new Harley Quinn images? Let us know.

The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters and on HBO Max August 6th.

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