Javicia Leslie Talks About Batwoman’s Curls

Batwoman star Javicia Leslie has discussed Batwoman’s curls, and the updated version of the character’s costume.

In episode three of the latest season, the new Batwoman battled Zsasz. The hit-man said made some comments that motivated Ryan Wilder to modify her look. Now the Wilder Batwoman’s look boasts of a few updates, including a curly head of hair, in place of the red wig.

Ryan Wilder actress Leslie felt the new outfit reflects her black heritage in an interview with EW.

We did the fitting and I put the pants on, I’m like, “Oh my goodness, these pants look great,” Then I put the top on and the top grabs me and I was like, “Oh man, it gives me posture.” Then we were putting the cowl and the wig on and I’m like, “This Chaka Khan hair… wow! Like, I am my ancestors!” That’s how I felt when I put it on. I felt proud. I still do. I fight with my hair out all the time [while training in real life], and fighting as Batwoman with my hair out, it’s really epic because I think people think it becomes a distraction. No, the same way you don’t touch a black girl’s hair normally is the same way you don’t touch Batwoman’s hair. It doesn’t get messed with.

Fan Art Inspired Batwoman’s Look

Showrunner Caroline Dries had a surprising inspiration source for the new wig: fan art.

I was like, “Oh yeah, duh! She can’t be wearing Kate’s suit because that would feel like hand-me-downs,” To be honest, the idea of [making the wig] black curly hair, and not the red wig, came to me by looking at fan art [that] had some different styles that I was like, “Oh, this is awesome.” Because I’m not shy about saying I never really liked the red wig. I never understood its purpose in the comic, let alone on our show. It just never quite felt like this is what Batwoman would wear, in my opinion. It was just too feminine for me. Whereas this was feminine in all of the right ways of just like powerful.

Sounds cool. It seems like that they are trying to aim for a more utilitarian look for the outfit. Additionally, they appear to be making new outfit more unique for Wilder’s character and celebrate her blackness.

Do you like Batwoman’s curls? Sound off in the comments.

Batwoman airs on Sunday nights on the CW.

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