New ‘The Suicide Squad’ Footage In HBO Max Trailer

Last year, Warner Bros. announced that all of their 2021 movies will debut on HBO Max the same day as theaters, at no additional cost to subscribers. The first film to do this was Wonder Woman 1984. Now the streaming service has released a new trailer, showing all the new films fans can also enjoy from the comfort of their own homes, including the upcoming The Suicide Squad.

Check it out:

We only get about 9 seconds of new footage in this clip, but since we don’t have an official movie trailer yet, it’s fun to get any new glimpses at the upcoming film.

We get to see Idris Elba’s Bloodsport looking… well bloody, and battle worn. We also see the full Squad in the rain, with Harley, in yet another new outfit, exchanging friendly looks with Rick Flag. After all, they DO have history together (moreso in the comics) and it’s fun they’re playing with that.

We also get Harley with some duel pistol gunplay, a brief dialogue between John Cena’s Peacemaker and Bloodsport. Finally we see Harley, Polka-Dot Man, and what appears to be Bloodsport, running through a crumbling building. It’s also possible that it’s actually Pete Davidson’s Blackguard, but it’s hard to tell.

Again, we really don’t get too much information from this trailer, and The Suicide Squad’s footage only adds up to 9 seconds, but, it’s nice to see new material for what should be a fun movie, from director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy).

The Suicide Squad will be in theaters and will premiere on HBO Max on August 6th, 2021. Before we get there though, it was recently revealed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League will finally debut on HBO Max on March 18th, 2021!

Source: HBO Max

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