Michael Jai White Talks ‘Batman: Soul of the Dragon’

Article by Eric Lee

Actor Michael Jai White has discussed what it was like to reprise the role of Bronze Tiger in the upcoming Batman: Soul of the Dragon movie. White will voice the Bronze Tiger for the DC animated feature. However, he’s actually returning to a role that he played in live action on CW’s Arrow.

In an interview with CBR, White compares playing the Bronze Tiger in Arrow, versus playing the character in the 70’s kung fu-themed Soul of the Dragon.

It was really fun! There’s that contemporary Bronze Tiger in the Arrow universe but I think this one is a little more connected to how it began, really. This Bronze Tiger [in Soul of the Dragon], being in that ’70s locale and it’s got that kind of spy genre adventure film [feel], this was a lot of fun doing this.

Facing Off Against the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’

Michael Jai White has other connections to Batman. He played Gambol in The Dark Knight. Gambol was the mob boss who Heath Ledger’s Joker famously recited his “Why so Serious?” speech to.


White reflects on the infamous scene and why the his character’s fate is slightly ambiguous.

The intention was that’s all that was supposed to happen: He had his face cut. That’s why in a movie that is that perfect, we’re now sitting here wondering what the hell happened to it. That shows you that it was a bit of a mistake, because that character was intended to go on. If the death of the character was intended, you know a guy like Christopher Nolan would make that very clear as far as good storytelling. My guess is that because of the unfortunate fate of Heath Ledger that I think maybe there were some things altered to preserve most of his performance and I think maybe the bookend of where Gambol was supposed to go kind of went to the cutting room floor.

For more about White and his other projects, like Black Dynamite and Spawn, click the link here.

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