George Clooney Had Some Advice for Ben Affleck About Playing Batman

Article by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Playing Batman comes with a lot of expectations. New actors to the role are compared to previous incarnations, often even before even filming a single scene. It happened with Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, and even Michael Keaton. In the end, their performance is eventually judged, and more often than not fans and critics praise the new Batman. However, some actors have not had a great time under the cowl.

George Clooney is a Hollywood veteran now, having started in the business in 1978, so he knows a thing or two about good and bad career choices. With all that experience, it’s no shock that his peers come to him from time to time for advice. Such is the case with the former, and maybe current, Batfleck.

In 1997, George Clooney wasn’t the actor we know and love today. Sure, he was gaining popularity, but he was a “TV actor” – a term that once felt “lesser” than “film actor”. Talking with Howard Stern, Clooney mentioned he wasn’t able to get movies greenlit at the time. He was just another actor trying to book a job, and that led to the often panned Batman & Robin. Clooney has been open about how playing Batman wasn’t his favorite job, which led to the advice he gave Ben Affleck.

This is what Clooney had to say to Howard Stern:

I think also, ‘cause I’ve been around, and also because I’ve sort-of had both rounds. I’ve been a big flop and I’ve bombed in things and I’ve had big successes. It doesn’t mean they listen, Ben didn’t listen to me, and he ended up doing a great job, and I was wrong.


While Affleck didn’t take Clooney’s advice, the former Batman wasn’t done with his pointers. Clooney has a unique perspective on playing The Dark Knight and the “dos and don’ts” if you are going to take on the role:

Don’t Have Nipples on the Suit.

On that front, Affleck listened, though it’s likely the costume designer never intended to put nipples on the Batfleck costume; which is one of the best Batman costumes we’ve seen in live-action.

Are you happy with Ben Affleck’s decision to take on the role of Batman? Looking back at Batman & Robin, does it truly deserved to be panned? Or are you secretly a fan? Lets us know in the comments below!

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