David Ayer Says his ‘Suicide Squad’ Cut is “Fire”

Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Marred with tons of controversy, Justice League hit theatres and most people were less than pleased with it. Most of all, Zack Snyder, who had a vision of the DC movie universe that didn’t pan out. For years following the release of the theatrical cut of JL, Snyder has made it very clear that what he saw for the movie was not what we saw on the screen. Years of campaigning later, WB made a fairly unprecedented decision and will be producing a new cut of JL for HBO Max. Since then, David Ayer, writer/director of 2016’s Suicide Squad has began pushing for his own version of SS that we never saw. As of yesterday, David Ayer is saying that his Suicide Squad cut is “fire.”

Based on what I’ve seen, the #AyerCut doesn’t seem to be picking as much steam as the #SnyderCut did. Aside from a few Twitter accounts and trending tags, it seems it’s not getting the attention it needs. However, being a filmmaker, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop Ayer from his crusade to get his cut of SS in front of fans. Taking to Twitter, and responding to a naysayer regarding the necessity of the #AyerCut, Ayer confirmed that his Suicide Squad cut is “fire.”

Course Correction

So in case you weren’t aware, our first look at SS was through Comic-Con. Overall, the flick looked to be much more tense and dark than what we eventually saw. It was a bit bleak and following the criticism of Batman v Superman, WB/DC decided to course correct.

Take a look at the Comic-Con first look here:

For the official trailer, WB/DC decided to re-cut it to make it look much more fun, energetic, and over the top. The reception was better. Therefore, they decided on re-cutting the entire movie to match this new trailer.

Re-watch it here:


When the flick was eventually released, it did financially well, but audiences on the whole weren’t impressed. Over the years, Ayer took his licks from fans, and played semi-apologist, but now, after having re-watched it for the first time since, Ayer is endorsing it as “amazing” and “fire.” It’s good to see that he’s made peace with the choices he’s made. As an artist and filmmaker, I’m sure it’s always difficult to believe in your creation, but then find that everybody hates it, so it’s good he can relinquish his guilt. However, as for the campaign, I can’t see it really helping. It might excite some supporters, but I highly doubt a studio is going to consider re-releasing a movie just because the filmmaker says it’s good.

Personally, I’d love to experience the version of SS that we never got to see  (especially considering all the Joker footage we apparently didn’t see). I’d love for Ayer to be granted validation and justice, the way Zack Snyder did. As it stands now though, I don’t see it happening.

If you believe in the cause, show your support.

What do you think? Do you believe his SS cut is fire as he says? Or do you feel that it’s not worth going back again? Let me know.

In the meantime, Justice League: The Director’s Cut will hit HBO Max in 2021.

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