‘Suicide Squad’ Script Reveals Different Joker Role

Article by Eric Lee

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has revealed a script page that shows that the Joker played a much more active part in the movie’s main plot.

On Instagram, Ayer posted a script page where the Joker is teamed-up with the film’s villain Enchantress. The script details that there was going to be a last stand, with the Squad and the Enchantress holding Amanda Waller hostage. The Joker then stepped in and disclosed that he was working with Enchantress all along. He also unveils that he has the computer that controls the Squad’s neck bombs, which gives him the ability to blow anybody’s head off.

This lines up with Ayer’s earlier tweets that Joker was supposed to make an alliance with Enchantress. Check out the script page and an unseen Joker image from Ayer’s Instagram Story.


What is even more shocking is that Ayer confirmed that he actually shot and edited the scene too. That means there is a completed scene that is languishing in Warner Bros. studio vaults.

Yes I did. Shot and edited. Of course you were not permitted to see it my friend?‍♂️ https://t.co/PGSpz29T2Y

Ayer-Cut Coming?

This is a pretty big change from what we saw of the Joker in the final cut of Suicide Squad. In the theatrical release, Joker was regulated to a subplot that was mostly divorced from the main story. Here, he’s integral into the central storyline, and has more substantial stuff to do too.

What’s also interesting is that Ayer had completed the scene already. This seems to imply that Ayer had directed and shot a different vision of the movie and its story, but had to change it at the last-minute.

There is a movement of fans who are clamoring for an Ayer-cut of Suicide Squad to be released. It certainly sounds more realistic than a Snyder cut of Justice League.  How cool would that be to see the Joker’s original storyline back?

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