Review: Batgirl #47

“The Anatomy of a Joke”
Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by Fay Clark

Leaving Barbara in such a terrifying situation in Batgirl #46 broke my heart, so, as soon as Batgirl #47 came out, I needed to know what the creative team had in store for our red headed heroine. There was such a creeptastic atmosphere in the last few pages of the previous issue, that there had to be some pure, tension filled crazy coming next.

Well… DC delivered.

You’re the biggest joke I can think of

There was a part of me that immediately knew I was going on a roller coaster ride, yet I was still hoping it was going to be a ruse. Cecil Castellucci took me on a ride, but I’m still deciding whether I actually liked it or not! There’s so much going on that I want to yell about from the rooftops, but I’m still in shock. The new plot-line being set up truly is a work of art.

Castellucci clearly knows what she’s doing when planning these things out, and having the foreboding feelings from the last issue still fresh in my mind really amped up the terrifying themes in Batgirl #47. There are some serious Killing Joke vibes to be had from this issue, and I couldn’t hide that if I tried. Castellucci really knows the source material well. I’ll be honest, I’m not that sure Batgirl #47 would have turned out as amazing as it did if someone else was writing it.

Now, there is some Bloody brilliant artwork

Robbi Rodriguez works extremely well with Jordie Bellaire. Having the talent to bring something to life with such raw emotion attached, is nothing short of pure genius. Rodriguez’s art work matches perfectly with the terrifying atmosphere that Cecil Castellucci has set up with her writing. In Batgirl #47 the use of shadows makes some of Robbi Rodriguez’s art work the eeriest I’ve come across in a while, which threads in with Jokers appearance and motives.

In the comic book world I sometimes feel like the color artists don’t get enough praise. Jordie Bellaire is impeccable when it comes to a color palette, which is evident within Batgirl #47. Not only does Barbara Gordon stand out from the background, but you can feel the effort Bellaire put in to making the Joker his own entity. The way the final few pages have been colored adds to the shock factor, and really helps drive home what Rodriguez has drawn.


Cecil Castellucci, listen to me very carefully. WHAT WAS THAT? How could you leave your faithful readers that way? There’s something to be said about Batgirl as a character for surviving everything she’s been through over the last six plus decades. She’s no one’s victim.

With only a few issues until this run ends, I cannot wait to see what happens to our beloved heroine. (I would give this 11/10, but I’m not allowed!)

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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