Review: Dark Nights: Death Metal #2

“Death Metal” – Book Two
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artists: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion
Color Artist: FCO Plascencia
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Steve J. Ray

After witnessing a world that encompasses a fallen universe, is populated by Bat-Men gone bad, a B-Rex, and a Batmobeast; and is ruled over by the Batman Who Laughs, I thought that nothing could surprise me. Then along came, Scott, Greg, Jonathan, FCO and Tom, to slap another comic-book custard pie straight into my face, with the delightfully, devilish, Dark Nights: Death Metal #2.

I love this series.

We have a Swamp Thing who’s burning up inside, and no… this isn’t some clever metaphor, describing deep seeded(?) rage, his insides are quite literally on fire! We have a warrior Wonder Woman, with a golden Lasso chainsaw, and a Batman trying to defeat a world full of corrupted or enslaved Batmen.

What’s not to love?

Worlds Unimagined

The Metal Earth is a nightmare world, and it’s brilliantly brought to life by stellar art from penciller Greg Capullo, inker Jonathan Glapion, and colorist FCO Plascencia. Every page terrifies, delights, and surprises.

We quickly catch up with old friends, a long-missed society, and nefarious nemeses. Oh… and the Batman Who Laughs’ brain goes to Manhattan.

I cannot believe how nuts this book is, yet how cohesive and well written. I’m in at awe how any new reader could easily pick up issue one and follow everything that’s happening. At the same time, infinitesimally anal wonder nerds, who’ve followed the whole saga, are rightfully rewarded too. Plus, both groups of readers are equally enticed by new questions we need answered, and are joyfully brought along for the ride.

I have to applaud Tom Napolitano, as he’s had some real work to do in this issue. This comic is wordy, and is definitely one that requires a fair amount of reading. But, after experiencing the vintage Scott Snyder dialogue, I’m sure Mr Napolitano enjoyed putting every single one of those words on the page.


Dark Nights: Death Metal #2 is a triumph, and a joy. I was enthralled and entertained from cover to cover. However, Batman needs to finish a statement, we got more flashes than a nudist colony, and a final page that delivered a glorious sight, the likes of which we haven’t witnessed since the original Superman/Batman series of 2004… but with extra added Wonder.

I’m well and truly hooked, but have to ask myself again… where’s Superman?

Hopefully issue #3 will supply the answer.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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