Sideshow Present Two New Batman Figures

Article by John Hammond

Sideshow is releasing two new Batman figures, featuring two of the most memorable and legendary versions of the character. The figures will be based on the classic 1989 Batman movie, and the renowned comic book story, “Hush.”  These really are iconic versions of the character, and they’ve always been a must for this kind of figure treatment.

Batman 1989 Collectible Figure

A new S.H. Figuarts piece from the 1989 worldwide hit film Batman. Eyes come to life with realistic coloring under a mask replicated with rubber like materials. The fabric cape comes with support rods to recreate Batman’s impressive gliding poses. Batman also comes with a wide range of extra parts including the Batarang.

The set includes an optional head part, four left and five right hand parts, Grappling gun, Gauntlet, two Shurikens, a Batarang, two cape support rods.

A must-have for DC Comics fans!

Brand DC Comics
Manufacturer Bandai
Type Collectible Figure
Product Size – Height: 5.9″ (149.86 mm) |
Box Size – Height: 2.00″ (50.8 mm) | Width: 7.00″ (177.8 mm) | Depth: 7.00″ (177.8 mm) |
Dimensional Weight – 1.00 lbs (0.45 kg) [Intl. 1.00 lbs (0.45 kg)]

Batman (Hush Black Version) Figure

Sideshow and Medicom present the Batman (Hush Black Version) Collectible Figure! This figure stands approximately 6.29″ tall and was sculpted by SH Studio / PERFECT-STUDIO.

Help the world’s greatest detective unravel the great mystery by adding Batman (Hush Black Version) Collectible Figure to your collection today!

Brand DC Comics
Manufacturer Medicom Toy
Type Collectible Figure
Product Size – Height: 6.29″ (159.77 mm) |

I am sure that everyone will agree that Sideshow have knocked it out of the park yet again, bringing us these wonderful figures. They’re now available to pre-order from the Sideshow website. Batman 1989 has an estimated arrival date of October 2020 – January 2021. Batman: Hush is due to arrive a little later, between March and June 2021.

Will you be adding these to your collection?  Please let know if so, or just let us know your thoughts on these fantastic pieces.

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