Review: Teen Titans #40

“Straight Into Hell”

Writers: Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson
Artists: Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira
Color Artist: Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Review by Sam McTernan

Here we go, with Teen Titans #40. I think it’s easy to forget how big an achievement that is. Yes, DC have the history and legendary characters, however making them remain fresh and enjoyable months, years, or even decades later is a challenge. It’s this kind of challenge that Glass and company try to rise to. Did they continue this trend this month?

Well, to be completely honest, yes… and then some. This issue is packed full of some serious storytelling. It’s got everything from action, heaven and hell and everything in between. Cameos (more on this in a minute) and, if you’ll permit me a minor spoiler, writers Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson have even crammed in a Supernatural reference. Not as in monsters or ghosts, as in the series Mr. Glass himself used to write and produce.

On to the art, it’s bright, bold and seriously packs a punch. I was a big fan of Bernard Chang, but it’s genuinely nice to see things getting mixed up. The artwork is brilliant and visually expresses the many landscapes within this issue wonderfully.

Oh, the cameos. I love a good cameo, however I can’t stand them if used as a cheap trick or simply to satisfy fans without giving the appearances any real substance. This certainly isn’t the case here, as they all add to the overall story brilliantly. I won’t spoil who’s in it but there’re a few, and they’re great to see.


Teen Titans #40 was as spectacular a comic-book as you could ever hope for. I loved every panel. When it ended all I wanted was to keep reading. For so much intensity and action it ends so quickly, which is always the sign of a good read, for me.

You guys are going to love it.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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