Jeffrey Wright Preps for Commissioner Gordon

Article by Eric Lee

Commissioner Gordon actor Jeffrey Wright is prepping for the role, as seen by his new mustache.

Twitch streamer Way of the Lost took a picture with Wright. As you can see, Wright is now sporting a very Gordon-esque mustache.

It looks pretty legit, right? It is definitely a mustache, as opposed to the beard he has in Westworld. Traditionally, Commissioner Gordon has been sporting a mustache for decades in the comics and most media. The two notable exceptions would be the 60s TV Commissioner, as played by Neil Hamilton, and Ben McKenzie’s portrayal of a mustache-less Gordon in the television series Gotham. Thank goodness that Wright is bringing bushy facial hair back for some big screen representation.

Wright and Matt Reeves

That is not the only new tidbit on Wright. In an interview with CNET, Wright also detailed how he bonded with The Batman director Matt Reeves over Adam West. According to Wright, he was a gigantic fan over Adam West’s Batman television show back in the sixties.

I was a bit of a fan of Batman comics, and comics generally, growing up, but I was a lunatic Adam West Batman fan. Matt Reeves, who is directing the movie, was as well. We were talking about it and he said, “In my mind, that wasn’t camp.” Now, this is not to say that we’re doing an Adam West Batman in any respect, but that, for me, was my early dive into the Batman cosmos. Matt and I agree it wasn’t camp for us, it was deadly serious for an 8-year-old kid. Deadly serious with the most tricked-out heroic technology and bells and whistles this side of James Bond.

Wright went on to praise the series, calling it a perfect representation of the comics in that era.

If you look back at it within context, man, it was as Batman as anything. The pastel tones harken back to the original Bob Kane/Bill Finger stuff. That was my early and much-appreciated introduction into Gotham.

Wright is totally… right. The 1960’s Batman is super campy, but it also introduced a whole generation of comic book fans. Furthermore, it forever ingrained Batman and all his related characters into the pop culture zeitgeist forever.

The Batman is scheduled for release on June 25, 2021.

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