Sean Murphy Confirms ‘Murphy-Verse’ Imprint

Article by Eric Lee

Writer and artist Sean Murphy has announced that he is creating a Murphy-Verse imprint, spinning off from his Batman: White Knight series.

Murphy made the announcement on Twitter when a fan asked him how many White Knight-related stories he has planned. According to Murphy, an entire Murphy-Verse will be published under the DC Black Label imprint. The Murphy-Verse will contain stories for supporting characters, like Nightwing, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn. He even went as far as teasing the possibility of Superman and Wonder Woman in later stories.

According to Murphy, he will be in charge of the main directions the Gotham City characters go in, however, different creative teams will be handling the scripts and art. The spin-offs will be set in between volumes of his White Knight series.

Storytelling Possibilities

The news of White Knight spin-offs is very exciting! Of all the recent alternate universe Batmen, White Knight’s version is certainly the most renowned. At first glance, it seems like the differences between his universe and the prime Batman’s universe were superficial, but, as the White Knight saga continued, their differences grew.

Now, Curse of the White Knight is exploring all sorts of story ideas that the “mainstream” Batman can’t do, like the ramifications of Batman exposing huis secret identity… and there are a dozen more plot threads that could be starting points for an intriguing new ideas. Like, seeing the Bat-Family as deputized police officers? Or what will happen with the Joker and Harley’s babies?

There is a lot of storytelling potential to un-mine, so count me in as being excited at this news!

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Batman: Curse of the White Knight #8, by Murphy, goes on sale March 25.

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