New Harley Quinn Statues On Their Way From Sideshow

Article by John Hammond

I make no secret of the fact that I am a big Harley Quinn fan. Therefore, seeing two new Sideshow Harley Quinn statues on the way makes me a very happy fella.

Here, we have another couple of corkers from the fine people at Sideshow.  First up, the beautiful Red, White & Black statue by Steve Pugh.  This is based on the DC young adult graphic novel, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass.

More about the statue…

Straight from the pages of DC’s young adult graphic novel, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, comes the latest Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black statue. This younger version of Harley shows the character in a more grunge-inspired look.

This new Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statue is based on art from the comics industry’s top creators and re-creates their vision of the red-hot villain in vivid 3-D detail.

Secondly, we have the DC Cover Girls statue by Frank Cho.  This statue sees Harley in her classic jester outfit, with her trademark mallet.

More about this statue…

Harley looks like she’s up to some mischief in this DC Cover Girls statue by Frank Cho. Wearing her classic jester costume and holding her iconic mallet, it seems as if a surprise is awaiting whoever dares come close enough.

Inspired by the powerful women of the DC Universe, DC COVER GIRLS is a long-running line that features dynamic depictions of the most famous superheroines and super-villains in premium statues.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that this sees Sideshow knocking it out of the park again, with these new Harley Quinn statues. Both pieces are now available for pre-order here and here, both with an estimated arrival date of August 2020.

Will you be looking at buying these new Harley Quinn statues? If so, let us know below, along with any thoughts you may have on them.  Cheers.

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