Review: ‘Titans’ Season 2 Episode 12 – “Faux-Hawk”

Writer: Tom Pabst
Director: Larnel Stovall
Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, Drew Van Acker, Minka Kelly, Alan Ritchson, Curran Walters, Conor Leslie, Iain Glen, Esai Morales, and Joshua Orpin
Review by Adam Ray

We all get a perfect episode of context this time around. The struggles the Titans have been facing finally become clear here, and we get a logical, and deeply interesting explanation to last episode’s big revelation. We see that, coupled with a great look back into Rose’s past and the current state of Hawk. The last stray member becomes the main focus this time around, and the detailed plot-threads give us all a lot to consider as the conclusion draws near.

Yes, Hank is the main focus in this episode. We see just how badly he’s handling the division of the team. Cage fighting has its perks, but he also has to deal with a Faux-Hawk. What was a compelling but somewhat easy to overlook character, has become layered and deeply rich in this episode.

This episode’s tension is strongest in what we viewers are imagining may happen. We can see it’s all building up to something. The combination of everyone’s actions is all bubbling to the surface, and coupled with the strong performances from Anna Diop and Teagan Croft, with Kori and Rachel’s sisterly bond, to the heavy nature of Rose’s revelations, to the tension in the piece’s villain – now clearly explained.


While I don’t agree with the show leaving us on tenterhooks like this, I see why it was done. It’s perfectly building up expectations for the final episode. We can expect just about anything from the dramatic conclusion, and we’re treated to the “shoe-shop” that Batman and the upcoming Nightwing get their “fancy footwear” from. I could not tell you what the show is building into, or why we have to wait for something, rather than get moments of conflict with the team together. What we do get, is the same, real visions of comic-book greats, like Hawk and Dick Grayson, come to life.

Images Courtesy of WBTV

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