‘Batwoman’ Showrunner Hasn’t Decided on What Happened to Bruce Wayne in Arrowverse

Article by Adam Poncharoensub

Making her debut in the Arrowverse’s Elseworlds last year, Ruby Rose played our first live-action Batwoman, and after several months of development, Batwoman was officially greenlit. One of the setups for the series is that Bruce Wayne has disappeared from Gotham., therefore, his cousin, Kate Kane, arrives and attempts to fill that Bat-sized void left behind by Batman. Aside from showing Kate’s journey as a costumed vigilante, Batfans are most likely hoping to find out what happened to Bruce Wayne.

After nearly a year of waiting, Batwoman is finally set to debut tonight. In the meantime, however, showrunner Caroline Dries sat down for an interview with Batwomantv.com, wherein she revealed some pretty interesting tidbits, such as the existence of Jim Gordon in the Arrowverse – Gordon will not appear in the series as of yet, but Dries confirms that he is there. Also, she provides a brief description of the Batcomputer inspired by the retro looks of the 1966 Batman show and Batman: The Animated Series. However, the answer that seems to be taking over the Internet is Dries’ answer about Bruce Wayne.

Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?

In last year’s Elseworlds, it was explained that Batman just disappeared. He abandoned Gotham, but nobody seems to know why… not even the showrunner. Of his disappearance, Dries said

I have some theories where he disappeared to, but I haven’t fully committed one way or the other…

I pretty much have strong convictions about every detail of this show, but that’s one where I want the audience to feel like it’s a mystery, because it is genuinely a mystery.

Sooo… the showrunner of a series set in Gotham with an absent Batman hasn’t yet decided what happened to Bruce Wayne.

It’s kinda hard to really give her the benefit of the doubt here, but I’m personally not buying it. As a writer, you should have all of this planned out far in advance. This way, you can plot it and write the details surrounding it, planting the correct clues, so that the big reveal is satisfying and makes sense. Otherwise, it’ll be unexpected and poorly executed. Any good writer can properly craft a mystery that feels like one. Otherwise, it comes off as a distinct lack of any real effort on your part. Hopefully, not all the scripts for season 1 have been written and she eventually commits to one firm reason. And it better be a good one because we, as Batfans, know that Bats would never just abandon his city like that.

Check out the rest of the interview. I promise it’s a good read.

Batwoman premieres tonight at 8PM ET on the CW.

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