Sideshow Are Releasing A Remote Controlled Tumbler

Article by Sam McTernan

That’s right Bat-Fans, Sideshow are releasing a Remote Controlled Tumbler. This vehicle is, of course, the iconic Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise. Sideshow collectibles are not only giving you the opportunity to own a piece of art, but to actually drive it.

The Tumbler is brought to you from the combined talents of Sideshow and Soap Studio. They have created a 1:12 scale model directly from The Dark Knight featuring a functioning cockpit that can be opened and closed, movable spoilers, and LED headlights.

Including movie like sound and lighting effects, the Tumbler is also jet powered, allowing a 30% increase in acceleration. Now if that isn’t cool enough (which it definitely is!!), you can link the vehicle up to your smart-phone. Doing this will allow you to record video, take photos, use an intercom and night vision. NIGHT VISION! Its as if you actually are Batman.

The vehicle is expected to release between September and October, The bad news is, that the waiting list is already full. Its no surprise that this is a very popular product. It’s probably wise to keep a close eye on their website if you want to snag one. Retailing at $398, I can see them selling for much much more on online auction sites in the future.

Undoubtedly one of the coolest RC vehicles on the market and a must for any fan of the caped crusader. I would personally love one, how much would you love to have the remote controlled Tumbler as part of your collection? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts, or even better if you’ve bought one, let us see footage of it in action.

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