‘Gotham’ Star Cameron Monaghan Shares Photo Of Series’ Finale Joker

Article by Carl Bryan

Another Joker has been added to an already rich set of cards in the Gotham lore. Gotham Star Cameron Monaghan has shared a pretty intense photo on his Instagram account of him portraying the Joker.

If you were used to the sleek style of Jack Nicholson, or the anarchic chaos of Heath Ledger’s interpretation, this one is more of a “Godfather” type of Joker! This interpretation is both scary as well as interesting for fans of Gotham, as it places the Joker in an older light towards a younger Batman! Glad to get a glimpse of Monaghan dressed in the Joker suit!

Following his win of a Teen Choice Award for Choice Villain, Gotham star Cameron Monaghan has shared previously unseen photos of himself as Joker from the series’ finale of the Fox show.

An Instagram post from the actor shows him in full Joker mode, with a menacing red smile on his white-painted face, along with the green and purple outfit that captures the character’s essence. Celebrating his award win, Monaghan wrote:

Thank you so much for voting for me for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Villain. Pictured here is a private moment in my dressing room when I tried on J’s final look for the first time. A huge thanks to Gotham’s makeup, hair, wardrobe, props, camera, and set design departments, our editors, and everyone else who made me look horrifying over the years.


What are your thoughts on Gotham Star Cameron Monaghan? Which actor do you think portrayed the Joker the best? Dark Knight News would love to know your choice and why?

Send us your comments… was it Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill or even Cesar Romero? There’re a lot of Jokers in the deck to choose from!

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