America’s Favorite Batman Actor Revealed In New Poll

Article by Philip Clark

The argument for who has portrayed the best Batman has been one of the most argued points in geek culture. With the casting of Robert Pattinson as Matt Reeves’ Dark Knight, it will only add another actor to the mix. Before complicating matters even further, America’s Favorite Batman Actor has been revealed in a new poll.

The Hollywood Reporter has given the results as to who is the nation’s favorite Dark Knight;

That’s right! Christian Bale wins it, by a hair, just beating out Michael Keaton. It can be argued however, that it was Christopher Nolan’s superb directing that made Bale’s portrayal so iconic. That’s not to take anything away from the brilliant performance from Bale.

The people voted on two other Batman related polls. You can find the full polls here.

Do you agree with the results of America’s Favorite Batman Actor? Is he your favorite too? Let us know.

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