Mattel Batman Comic-Con Exclusives Are Crazy Cool

Article by Sam McTernan

Mattel have really gone a little crazy with the Comic-Con exclusives this year… color crazy! San Diego Comic-Con attracts some of the very best in exclusives, but these Mattel Batman figures are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

If you love the Silver Age then you are in for 4 massive treats in particular.

We start of with the classic Batman, in the black and blue suit known around the world. This is a look that has maintained its appeal to this very day.

Next up is the Negative suit from Detective Comics #284. Exactly what it says, it’s a negative Batman suit that looks amazing.

Then there’s the classic Zebra Batman suit. Following an encounter with Zebra Man in Detective comics #275 Bruce Wayne got a new snazzy look.

We have saved the best for last: One of the most out-there and crazy Batman suits ever! The Iconic Rainbow Batman from Detective Comics #241. Famed not only for looking ridiculous but for being used in the silliest way possible. The Silver Age was really wacky and these figurines are definitely in touch with that era.

Exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con patrons, a special pre-order is available through Mattel.

Are you attending Comic-Con? If so, will you be picking these Mattel Batman exclusives up? Let us know.

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