Was Batman Originally Meant To Appear In Aquaman Movie?

Did we nearly see the Dark Knight in James Wan’s Aquaman movie? Well according to newly uncovered concept art for the blockbuster film, the answer is yes!

Thanks to tweets from @AquamanUniverse we know that at one point that this was an idea that was floating about. Ha! floating, Get it?Anyway… moving swiftly on: the artwork shared is titled “Batman Arrives” and shows the caped crusader flying over Sydney in the “Flying Fox” from the Justice League movie.

The scene didn’t come to fruition in the end, which is probably for the best, considering the Batfleck situation at the time. It also allowed for Jason Momoa to showcase his iteration of Arthur Curry without the film being muddled by any of the other DC heavyweights.

In my opinion I’m glad it was scrapped. As much as I love Batman, it would have been a distraction. However, will we now ever see the duo on screen together in the future? with Matt Reeves casting an as yet unnamed younger actor as Batman, everything is up in the air.

Would you have liked to have seen Batman make an appearance in the Aquaman movie? Let us know.

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