Sideshow To Release Mr. Freeze Statue

Article by Chris Foti

Another week, another amazing statue that’s available for pre-order to add to your Bat-collection. The fan in you loves it, but your wallet cries a little more each time. This week, Sideshow Collectibles has announced a new Mr. Freeze premium statue.

The new piece will be 24” tall and sit on top of a frosty base that also feature Batman’s tattered cape and cowl along with his batarangs. The extremely detailed figure also comes with a frozen statue of his beloved wife, Nora, in a cryonic dome, which includes a light-up feature.

This massive and detailed sculpture is set to arrive in the April – June 2020 range and will be $720 (with an $81/month payment plan option available).

Will you be adding this chilling Mr. Freeze statue to your collection? Personally, I think it’s really cool. Let us know!

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