‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Tops Lists Of Most In-Demand Show On Streaming Services

It’s finally happened. After years and years of waiting, somewhat patiently, the return of Young Justice: Outsiders has arrived. Our illustrious editor, Kevin Gunn, is reviewing the show as it airs. Find his first review here.

The show has, at the time of writing, has aired nine episodes. Every single one of them has retained the high quality of the previous two seasons.

Young Justice and Young Justice: Invasion were both incredible shows. The art style, and animation was fresh and fluid. It’s the writing and story telling of the Young Justice franchise that gets all the praise, though. For good reason too, as the show dealt with gripping stories, and had great character growth and development that has rarely been matched.

Outsiders No More

Young Justice: Outsiders has only been out for a few weeks, but that has done nothing to diminish it’s popularity. Millions have waited for it’s arrival for almost six years, after the second season ended in 2013. Fans of the show have flocked to DC’s online streaming service, DC Universe, in order to watch the show. The popularity of Young Justice has not gone unnoticed, as it currently sits atop a list of the most in-demand shows on streaming services.

DC take the top two spots on this list, created by Parrot Analytics, with Young Justice: Outsiders and Titans.

The show will run for a total of 26 episodes, with episodes 10-12 being released on January 25th before the mid-season break. When is the second half of the season coming, I hear you yelling. Well, I must regretfully inform you that we won’t be treated to it until June. Worry not though, fellow fans! For there is now a comic run for you to get your Young Justice fix while you wait!

Are you enjoying the new series so far? Let us know in the comments!

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