Raven Takes Flight In New Statue From Sideshow Collectibles

With Batman about to crash into the world of DC Universe’s hit Titans TV show, Sideshow collectibles could not have picked a better time to release their new Kotobukiya Raven statue.

This beautiful piece depicts Robin and Nightwing’s team-mate in flight, ready to cast a spell. Demons and wrong-doers beware!

Raven is poised and ready for action as she floats through the air with hands outstretched. The Teen Titan wears her classic costume of thigh high boots, bodysuit, detached sleeves anchored at the middle finger, and a massive swirling cloak with a pointed hood. This updated 2nd edition of the statue features a deep purple costume highlighting the gold accents on her shoulders and detailed belt.

Sculpted by Hogarii (Jetstream), the flowing appearance of the clothing gives the statue the illusion of movement making it appear as though Raven is floating above your shelf.

With a new color scheme and package design, this Bishoujo statue is perfect for display alongside the DC Comics Starfire Bishoujo Statue!

This gorgeous piece of art is expected to ship between June and August 2019.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos! It’s pure magic.

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