Review: Titans #31

“The Other Side”

Writer – Dan Abnett

Art – Clayton Henry & Brent Peeples

What’s on the other side of the Source Wall? Only Kyle Rayner knows!

While the Titans protect people from the effects of the cracked Source Wall, the Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps attempted to handle the bigger picture.

Understanding Titans #31 required prerequisite reading. Here, storylines from Drowned Earth, Justice League: No Justice, Green Lantern: Lights Out, and a host of Titans issues converge.. Kyle Rayner is a central character whose appearance added significant depth and connection. The long arch of this story came full circle as the first characters impacted continue playing a role. Where I once thought, “Where is this going?,” I now see it all as, “OHH! That’s what’s going on!” It’s an intricately interwoven tale.

Miss Martian made headway analyzing Raven’s vision – her soul is trapped on Unearth; an imaginary world created by a Source Wall energy-impacted individual (from Titans #24!). Yet, in another convergence of storylines, Mother Blood reappeared, took possession of Beast Boy, and spoke through him. Mother Blood taunted the Titans and indicated the Blood Cult’s scheme to use the Source Wall energy for their gain continued. As a result, the team entered Unearth to recover Raven’s soul-self and stop the Blood Cult from further weaponizing Source Wall energy.

Surprisingly, Batman appeared in Titans #31 to assess the wellness of the team. Donna Troy assumed leadership, and Batman poignantly stated that Dick Grayson would have approved. Despite feeling like Miss Martian was a League-appointed babysitter of sorts, Batman said it was the other way round. Rather, Miss Martian’s placement on the team was to protect her. Additionally, Kyle Rayner joined the Titans. I look forward to seeing how his inclusion impacts the team dynamic.

Artistically, the issue was crisp and clean. Consequently, the pages and panels showcased a richness and depth I didn’t know I’d been missing. Watercolor effects added layers to the images. Lights and shadows were perfectly balanced and blended. Facial expressions were highly emotive. Titans #31 was a beautiful, beautiful issue! 


Titans #31 was brilliant. Here, an impressive amount of storylines converge. With the inclusion of Kyle Rayner, the required reading for fuller understanding increased exponentially. Still, this issue was outstanding. It was beautiful and fun to read. It provided memorable moments and compelling connections. Surprisingly, Titans #31 felt like a payoff in the midst of a longer than usual story arch. Well done!

Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment

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