Sean Pertwee Writes his Own ‘Gotham’ Farewell to David Mazouz after Filming their Last Scene in ‘Gotham’

As well you may know by now, Gotham is coming to an end. Over the past 5 years, the series has created a strange and bizarre prologue to Batman in a way that fans never imagined. It’s one of the shows that divided most Batfans, with some adoring the series and others despising it. At the very least, the show is entertaining.

While the writing on the show has been questionable in the past, a majority of the show’s actors have proven to be its anchor. I’ve said it multiple times before and I’ll say it again, despite a writing staff that turns out inconsistent material, the actors generally always know what they’re doing. The cast really does deserve praise.

Over the years, as the show gained popularity, the cast were invited to more and more conventions. There, it’s been made abundantly clear that the camaraderie on set is wonderful. If you read interviews or watch videos, you can tell the cast members genuinely love each other and enjoy working with one another.

However, imagine you’re a child and you begin working with someone many years older with a lifetime of experience in a craft about which you’re extremely passionate. That person certainly leaves an impression on you. As is the case with David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee, who play Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth respectively.

Mazouz was approximately 13 years old when he began working closely with Pertwee for four years. There’s barely any footage on the show where Alfred isn’t close by Bruce.

That working relationship clearly culminated in a loving mentor/pupil dynamic between the two when Mazouz posted a farewell on Instagram. After filming their last scene together, Mazouz took to the social network to capture that moment, writing a very loving tribute to Pertwee.

It seemed they both had the same idea as Pertwee eventually posted his own loving tribute to Mazouz. It’s shorter than Mazouz’s, but arguably much more heartwarming and sentimental.

Check it out below:

They’re both such big softies, which I myself am and we can seem to spot our own kind. I definitely shed a tear reading Pertwee’s tribute. It just felt more raw with emotion, but I suppose that makes sense considering how much older he is. He’s probably extremely proud of the kid, having seen him grow up on set.

I can imagine that it’s going to be tough for the cast and crew to say goodbye.

Gotham Season 5 airs January 3rd, 2019 on Fox.

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