Review: Harley Quinn #53

“Minor Disasters” – Part One

Writer: Sam Humphries
Artists: Lucas Werneck & Alex Sinclair

This issue of Harley Quinn starts us off not only with a new villain for Harley, but also with a new artist. Lucas Werneck joins us for this leg of the journey. It comes complete with a YouTubing Harley Daredevil.

So… let’s strap in and get ready.

Daddy Issues

In this issue we get to learn more about the young lady who has come on the scene calling herself Minor Disaster. We find out she is the daughter of Major Disaster and is looking for a way to get her Father’s approval and pride. Poor Harley spends the issue not only dealing with her growing fandom and the pressures that come with it, but with things not going the way she expected along the way.

Is That A Dragon?

This issue is not only charming and funny, in the usual Harley Quinn style, but there are moments that touch on major social issues. Humphries continues to write Ms. Quinn in a way that draws the readership in and keeps them coming back. The art that Lucas Werneck gives us is stunning and detailed. Each page brings a variety of gifts for the eyes, between the writing and the art team on this issue this is all but a perfect beginning to what will likely prove to be a great story.


Harley Quinn has honestly never disappointed me, and this issue is no different. The plot is great, the moments where the reader needs to feel something are placed correctly and the art is stunning. The cliff hanger is quite poignant and I am so excited for what comes next. This issue gets an easy ten from me, I am waiting patiently (not) to see what comes next.

What are your thoughts readers? Have you enjoyed Harley’s adventures in Coney Island as much as us? Let us know in the comments below, meanwhile… I feel a hot dog craving coming on.
Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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