NYCC 2018 Sideshow Collectibles Have Arrived

When we heard about the new line of Bat collectibles at NYCC, everyone was quickly excited. We discussed what was coming in a previous article, and Sideshow has made them all available now. The preorder button is ready for the clicking. Let’s remind ourselves what the artists at Sideshow have in store for us.

From the pages of DC Rebirth, this hyper realistic Batman cowl is the unique piece I didn’t know I wanted. The sneer, and white lenses over the eyes make it as much like the real thing the Bat would wear as anything else. The sad news is that it’s at half sized scale, and made of a dense polyresin. That makes it too small and too stiff for any real Bat fan to wear, unfortunately.

Here’s a real vision of terror. A perfect rendition by sculptor Neobauhaus. Batman the Merciless took a whole new meaning of Dark Knight during the Dark Nights: Metal series, and he’d make great swathing cuts through any statue collection with that sword.

This is an interesting version of the Joker I can truly get behind. It’s always been a thing I’ve held very true about the character that hasn’t been explored as much as I would like. It’s clear Sideshow’s Sean Murphy and Karen Palinko agree that The Joker is a Batman fan. The most dangerous one of all. With the shirt and action figure the statue holds, we can see that twisted side of the Joker.

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb! I love that designer Frank Cho put Harley, the character most known for whimsy, into one of the most whimsical moments in Bat-history. Even including the ducks Adam West’s Batman was unprepared to blow up is a wonderful touch of detail.

Treasured Find

All these items are up right now on the Sideshow website, ranging from $60 dollars on the low end, with Batman’s cowl at $100. Find the preorder links here while I try to make some shelf space.

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