New ‘Titans’ Trailer Shows the Team in Action

A new Titans trailer has hit the internet, teasing more action, intrigue, and humor.

The initial Titans trailer was fairly bare-bones, featuring only Raven and Robin’s storyline. The latest trailer shows off the entire team, while also dropping hints at the show’s villains and plot lines.

As one can see, there’s tons of stuff to unpack in the trailer. It’s still confusing what Raven’s powers are exactly, but at least she does more than scream and shatter glass. It is also clearer that some evil group or entity is pursuing her. This apparently causes her to run away from home and meet up with Robin.

Another interesting tidbit is that apparently the show is playing coy with Starfire’s alien origins. She simply goes by Kory and neglects to divulge where she has come from.

‘Titans’ on Netflix

In related news, the new trailer prominently features a Netflix logo. DC Entertainment sold the foreign rights to Netflix. So while America can only see Titans on the DC Universe streaming subscription service, the rest of the world quill be able to watch the show on Netflix.

Titans debuts in October 12th with new episodes weekly.

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