Review: Injustice VS Masters Of The Universe #3

Injustice Vs Masters Of The Universe #3
Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Freddie E. Williams II

I Have The Power

Back between universes we go as the plot thickens quite quickly in this issue of Injustice VS. Masters of the Universe. We rejoin Prince Adam as he and his friends are fighting for the fate of the planet from the misguided grip of not only Wonder Woman and Skeletor, but also Superman himself. While this is happening on Earth, Eternia is facing a plight of its own as the siege of Darkseid begins in earnest. The stakes are certainly getting higher in this issue and it is up in the air where the chips will fall.

The Son Avenges The Father

We learn much more about this Universe’s Batman in this issue, the deep seeded resentments that linger in the halls of his mind. What is haunting the belfry, to be precise. The gang comes together on Earth to rescue Bruce’s Batman from Superman to sway the tides of the war. Sadly this goes the route of best laid plans gone awry. Good for us readers, not so much for the team.

Meanwhile On Eternia

Our DC men and women are making friends, Starfire is quite the popular one. Cyborg is learning more about The Sorceress when trouble strikes, and strikes hard. Bad guys have teamed up to take control of Eternia and it seems that Darkseid has taken charge in order to gain access to a very specific item.

The art and story flow very well together and the team of Tim Seeley and Freddie E. Williams II continue not only to impress, but amaze. These are two fandoms that I never saw working together, but this creative team has made them not only mesh, but have given us a very enjoyable read.


I anticipate each issue with a mix of nostalgia and glee. Until next time, readers. Please let me know your thoughts on the series thus far. Are you enjoying this mash up as much as I am?

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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