Alec Baldwin Cast In Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie

Emmy-award winner Alec Baldwin has been cast in the Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker origin movie.

What is more, there are rumors that he will play none other than Thomas Wayne – the father of Bruce.

Baldwin is an acclaimed actor who most recently starred in Mission Impossible: Fallout. He is also famous for playing Jack Donaghy on the sitcom 30 Rock. Perhaps, his most infamous performance was as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

What Will Be Alec Baldwin/Thomas Wayne’s Role?

The inclusion of potentially having Thomas Wayne is certain an interesting notion.  However, the capacity Wayne will play in the Joker film remains a mystery. In the comics, Thomas Wayne was a notable philanthropist and surgeon. Maybe his wealthy status will make him a target for the Joker and his gang.

Or perhaps the Joker will gun him down, similar to Tim Burton’s Batman. As long as we do not see any heavy-handed foreshadowing, it should be okay.

The Joker movie is set to hit theaters October 4, 2019.

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