Taylor Swift Cheers On Ruby Rose As ‘Batwoman’

We live in a world where people complain that Wonder Woman is too skinny and that Tomb Raider is not busty enough. People are angry that Starfire is not her “Right race” whatever that means for an Alien character.

Of course, another DC heroine casting choice is getting controversial feedback from the fandom. The daring casting of Ruby Rose as Batwoman in the Arrowverse has caused fandom to implode due to several illogical outbursts as to why this woman should not be portraying such an influential character.

Thankfully comics fandom isn’t filled with only 2-Dimensional fans and many of us can see the major strength in having powerful, diverse women range on these important roles. It increases viewership, story production, character-value, but most of all it gives viewers hope.

Ruby Rose is not without her friends in high places, as Grammy-Award winning singer, Taylor Swift shouted out her support this Monday for our Batwoman.

The message says it all:

It’s great to see the entertainment community support each other through trying times. When the internet is after you, it’s almost rarely in the best interest of anyone to spreading negativity. Rose has taken to deactivating her Twitter account, due to massive negativity. Hopefully seeing the support of T-Swizzle, might make some of the fans back off. For those who would like to explore more of Rose’s work, her debut video from 2015 is below. How can she not be perfect for Batwoman?

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