New Super Cafe Video Shows Batman’s Reaction To The Robin F-Bomb Drop

It’s been a few weeks since the Titans trailer dropped, along with the now infamous, F-bomb. The fabulous people behind the ‘How It Should Have Ended‘ YouTube channel have also created a ‘Super Cafe’ series. In these animated shorts we see Batman and Superman sit in a cafe and talk about the most recent superhero news.

In the most recent episode of the web series, they talk about the recently released Teen Titans GO! To The Movies. Not only do they poke fun at the recently released movie, but they also poke fun at the inconsistency in the DC movies’ tones. Dark one movie, epic the next, then comedic and light-hearted.

The first thing they mention however, is the F-bomb dropped by Robin. “Robin better watch his rated-R mouth before he gets punched in it,” Batman mentions when asked if he’s seen the new Titans thing by Superman. Watch the episode below:-

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