Scott Snyder And Jock Tease New Batman Villain

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Jock have revealed off their newest Batman villain on social media.

At Comic-Con, Snyder announced a mini-series starring the evil Batman titled The Batman Who Laughs. Snyder also revealed that TBWL will be accompanied by a new partner: a gun-toting Batman.

In an interview with, Snyder discusses the new villain in more depth.

It’s a story I’ve been wanting to do since I did Metal, where he comes to Gotham and he brings a new Dark Knight with him — a Dark Knight I’ve been waiting to do for a while, too; it’s kind of a Punisher Batman, because all of these are Bruce’s worst nightmares about himself. So this is one that imagines that in the alley when Thomas and Martha are killed by Joe Chill, Joe Chill drops the gun and Bruce picks it up and does in Joe Chill — and from that point forward becomes a complete agent of lethal force, and becomes the deadliest version of Batman.

Punisher Parallels

Admittedly, Snyder already knows that there is some parallels between this gun-happy Batman and Marvel’s Punisher character. So, what makes him different from the Punisher?

I love Punisher… but he’s usually broke. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. He has Wayne Enterprises stuff that just happens to be in the pipes and the electrical — everywhere. So he can get you no matter where you are; he can make your car drive off the bridge.

Meanwhile, Snyder and Jock are slowly stoking interest in the character with new images on Twitter. As one can see, this Batman is absolutely packing.

The Batman Who Laughs mini-series hits comic stores November 15.

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