Sideshow Collectibles The Joker and Harley Quinn ‘Arkham Asylum Breakout’ Fine Art Print Pre-Order

While original art from a great comic book artist may not be easily accessible for the average comic book fan, a fine art print is the next best thing if you want to display gorgeous comic book art in your home.

Sideshow Collectibles has added a premium art print branch to their highly popular line of collectibles for those who want to display art alongside their statues. One particular art print that is of particular interest to us Batfans is the upcoming Arkham Asylum Breakout, a beautifully illustrated piece by cover artist, Jon Foster.

Check it out below:

I adore the nightmarish versions of the laughing piranha and Bud & Lou in the background.

Not only is the art stunning, featuring Foster’s signature dreamlike fog shrouding Arkham Asylum behind them, but at the same time, these incarnations are beautiful renditions of existing Sideshow statues! Both the Joker and Harley Quinn Premium format statues are available for pre-order now. They come at a hefty cost, but if you’re a serious Batfan and collector, you should definitely grab them. Both will be begin shipping in the first quarter of 2019.

Take a look at the likenesses:

There’s even the Bat-Jack in the Box!

Imagine having these statues on display in your home and you had this framed print hanging just above them. It’d be perfection!

Pre-orders for a framed copy of Arkham Asylum Breakout go live this Friday, at August 3, between 12pm and 3pm PST. Be sure to be at the ready to click pre-order later this week! Any unclaimed prints will be made available for pre-order, unframed on August 6.

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