‘Anatomy of a Metahuman’ Book Dives into Batman’s Personal Files

DC will  soon release a hardcover Anatomy of a Metahuman, detailing Batman’s dossier of the universe’s most famous super humans.

The DC Universe streaming site will showcase Batman: The Animated Series in HD for the first time ever.

Up until now, the much-vaunted BTAS has never been presented in High Definition quality.

Matthew K. Manning is writing the book, with Ming Doyle on illustrations. The hardcover contains Bruce Wayne’s files and anatomical breakdowns of both heroes and villains. The hardcover also displays body cutaways to understand the physiology of the metahuman.

Delve into Bruce Wayne’s Metahuman Database

Furthermore, Bruce’s notes detail even the most minute features. Ever wonder how Superman’s X-ray vision works? Or how the Swamp Thing’s cells are able to integrate themselves into the flora of the ecosystem? Anatomy lays out everything about these metahumans.

Anatomy of a Metahuman will be released September 18, 2018. But you can preorder your own copy here.

DC is also planning some special giveaways at San Diego Comic-Con too. If you come by the DC Comics booth at SDCC, you could receive a free Anatomy poster and enter to win XXRay figures from Mighty Jaxx. For more information, check the publisher’s website here.

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