Game On! 9 Minute Clip of Lego DC Super Villains Released

At the prestigious E3 convention, we saw spoils of the new Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. We’re fans of Batman here, so a clip of Lego DC Super Villains gameplay is the content we really want.

The first outing from Lego was in the form of Lego Star Wars back in 2005. They’ve followed the same formula of follow the map, smash bad guys, get bits, and keep going. They’ve built onto it over the years. Lego Batman 2 was the first release in this style of game that didn’t have all the characters silent masters of slapstick comedy, which saw voice actor Troy Baker as Batman.

The newest outing from Lego and Traveller’s Tales sees the Villains of DC be the biggest focus of the game.

Pieced Together

So the clip from E3 tells a lot of what to expect from Lego DC Super Villains. The clip shows us gameplay from what I can only assume is an early level, based on the big story twist (which I’ll get to later).

Hearing the legendary voice of Mark Hamill behind the Joker is a wonderful treat. Only he could make the explanation at the beginning of every level in a Lego game (let’s get to the top of the church from Michael Keaton’s Batman).

The look of the mini-figures match the ones released in physical Lego sets today, but their mannerisms in the game really help bring them to life.

Tara Strong perfectly matches Arleen Sorkin’s cutesy shrill sound, and has been doing a great job as the character for the past few years. The blue and pink mismatched hair, and hammer over the shoulders screams Margot Robbie, while the roller skates from back in her roller derby past was brought back by The Lego Batman Movie very nicely.

The timeless narrative element of the Lego games means that Lego DC Super Villains could slot practically anywhere in what we know about the characters.

Even though the game is for the villains, we catch up with the Justice League a lot in this clip, with their new friends too. Check out the clip for yourself right here.

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