Preview: Batman Prelude to the Wedding- Batgirl vs. Riddler

Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Minkyu Jung

So far, we have seen Robin battle Ra’s al Ghul, Nightwing versus Hush, and now Riddler against Batgirl. This all leading up to the Bat-Wedding were one promises fireworks. In the meantime, Batgirl has to deal with the Riddler and his new obsession for making mix tapes. Looks like Riddler is going old-school.

Official solicitation

Batgirl vs. The Riddler #1

Tim Seeley (w)

Minkuyu Jung (a)

Cover by Rafael Alburquereque

On the even of Batman’s wedding to Catwoman, two of Gotham City’s finest minds clash. In her role as Oracle, Barbara Gordon wired all of her allies together. But when the Riddler takes on Batgirl, will he tear everything asunder?

32 pages/ Rated T+….$3.99


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