‘Gotham’ Actor Reveals that He is Co-writing ‘Suicide Squad 2’ with Gavin O’Connor and David Bar Katz

Last year in September, it was announced that Gavin O’Connor would write and direct the follow-up to the financially successful Suicide Squad. It seemed that he would take over for David Ayer, who was busy working on the supposed Birds of Prey movie.

Todd Stashwick revealed on an episode of DC Movie News that he will be co-writing the script with O’Connor and David Bar Katz.

Primarily an actor, Stashwick has appeared in two episodes of Gotham, playing Richard Sionis. The character was the TV series’ pseudo attempt at Black Mask. Stashwick himself is also a writer, but currently has no movie credits to his name. With Dennis Calero, Stashwick created a free online web comic known as Devil Inside and both gentlemen are currently bringing to life a SyFy TV series called Clandestine. It seems it started with Stashwick and O’Connor simply becoming friendly with one another. Knowing that Stashwick was a fan of the genre and a writer, O’Connor decided to brainstorm ideas for the script with him. The discussions between the two and David Bar Katz led to the partnership. As well, Stashwick is dropping the news that Geoff Johns will be helping the creation.

David Bar Katz is primarily known for his work with comedian John Leguizamo on The Pest and the short-lived sketch comedy series, House of Buggin. Katz has also done some dialogue polishing on the script for the Spawn adaptation back in 1997.

This is interesting news, to say the least. Without any exposure to either Stashwick or O’Connor’s works, I can’t say anything about them. I’m glad, however, that the team has a comic book fan among them. He’s so much of a fan that he writes a comic book simply as a passion project. Katz, however, is a more bizarre choice. Sure, he has movie credits, but his work with Leguizamo is a bit strange. As a fan of The Pest for all the wrong reasons, I really can’t say that he’ll be contributing a whole lot to the script.

What do you think? Excited for Suicide Squad 2? Let us know.

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