Review: Red Hood And The Outlaws #22

“Past Is Passed”

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artists: Dexter Soy & Allison Borges

Scott Lobdell is fantastic with his characters, regardless if they go through drastic, semi-permanent changes. Our Bizarro has still hasn’t reverted to type, and is an over-thinking genius… and what does thinking lead to? Anxiety! Poor thing. Issue #22 really delves into Detective Comics’s field and feel. All three members of our dark Trinity, Red Hood, Artemis, and Bizarro are in incognito with a purpose.

I adore how Lobdell puts us into the minds of his heroes. His quality of writing never wavers. The fight scenes are epic as heck. The connecting scene between Jason and Bizarro is so touching; it seems they both always end up lying on the ground and staring into infinity. Jason is there for him and although this is a relatively new family, outcasts know how to make each other feel loved.

Bizarro is suffering from his plight of identity. Artemis seems to equally be facing the same situation but in a different place. Lex Luthor has been on their side for so long, but we know that will change. Does the guy even have a heart?

Dexter Soy has one of the most beautiful skills I’ve ever seen. He does justice to Jason and Artemis, and gives a little extra Justice to Bizarro too. Art is critical for becoming emotionally invested in comics and the story, and Soy does a bang up job. Even details on the villain’s face, the Penguin looks absolutely malevolant. I have to point out my adoration at his job in drawing faces. Comic men are drawn so square, buff and rigid, but Soy’s art just flows.


This issue doesn’t progress the narrative too much, but I appreciate how Lobdell is still trying to connect with his readers. There isn’t enough of that going around, especially with a gang that’s a relatively new mix of characters. We know the Bat and Cat make a team, and so do the Wonder and Super, but we’ve yet to see a Vigilant Amazonian with a partner that has loose morals as well. But here’s to DC Rebirth giving this a real go! I pick up these issues particularly for the drawings, but the writing is touching.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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