Batcat Press! Presenting The Wedding Cover For Batman #50

It’s been twenty issues since Bruce Wayne proposed to Selina Kyle. In issue #24 Tom King gave us a moment that we were so sure was fantasy. There was something that will break this engagement because there is no way that Bruce Wayne can finally be happy. But King is staying true, and it looks like the wedding is going ahead. I recall his visit to Toronto Fan Expo 2017, where he mentioned how parts of The Dark Knights life are happy, and he wanted to show that in Batman.

And so, the wedding cover has been revealed. Batcat Press presents the wedding cover below by artist Batman artist, Mikel Janín. It’s stunning.

Stop the #Batcat Presses, we have a wedding cover. Batman 50 by Mikel Janín

with Batman and Catwoman Fans, Batman and Selina Kyle – Catwoman.

Selina’s dress is a centerpiece. Both the parties keep the cowl. I wonder if disaster leads the two characters into marrying in costume; that would be a show!

Batman issue #50 will be available for sale on July 4th, 2018, and the following is a summary of the issue. Seems like the Joker will be the one to say “I object.”

In a Batman story by Tom King and artist Clay Mann, The Joker gets word about the wedding between the Bat and the Cat, and he’s not happy. With this story arc reaching its climax in Batman #50 on sale July 4, could the Joker be that one wedding guest most likely to speak now and never hold his peace?

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