WB Releases New TV Spot for ‘Teen Titans GO! to the Movies’

If there was ever a Teen Titans theatrical film being released, I always hoped that it would be the one I remember watching in high school. The less silly animated series that valued complex storylines and layered characters. Instead, we’re getting Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. It’s not the largest regret, because the show provides the opportunity for the writers to poke fun at themselves, DC in general, and the world at large.

A new TV spot was released online for your viewing pleasure. Take a look:

“We don’t talk about that…”

It’s a short clip to be aired on TV and it recycles a lot of footage we’ve already seen before. Unfortunately, it rehashes the same fart joke that we saw in the theatrical trailer. Although it doesn’t help to attract me, I suppose the target demographic will find that a good selling point. As I said in previous articles, the humor shines the brightest when it references other DC properties with their fourth wall-breaking powers. The Green Lantern jab made me smile very big. I hope there is more that and less of the other stuff, but I suppose this movie just wasn’t meant for me.

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies hits theatres on July 27th.

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