Cameron Monaghan Discusses Playing More than One Role on ‘Gotham’

Years and years of teasing and we may finally have an answer to the Joker/Jerome conundrum that plagues Gotham fans. We’ve been constantly reminded over the years that although Cameron Monaghan seems nearly perfect as the Joker when playing Jerome Valeska, he isn’t the Joker.

It seems that last week Morena Baccarin revealed that Monaghan will likely be playing more than one role, a probable relative to Jerome, as Gotham heads towards the end of season 4. Intriguing.

 “If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

Well, sat down with Monaghan and blatantly asked him. He did not deny nor did he technically confirm with a solid yes, instead he launched into an explanation of what he wanted to do with the new character:

“It’s a very strange thing. Obviously, I can’t get too much into what the theory is or what that’s like. I will say that I wanted to make this guy feel distinct and I wanted to make him be visually different, I wanted him to carry himself different, I wanted his voice to be different. I wanted everything about him to be accepted. So that’s a challenge in itself, but also a challenge is, you’re basically acting with yourself. It’s a very weird thing. It’s definitely one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do as an actor. It was a bit of a head-trip.”

Again, we didn’t get a solid affirmative answer, but discussing the role to make it more distinct seems like a pretty solid confirmation. It looks like Jerome and this character will be interacting with one another on screen at some point. With this, the Internet is ablaze. Could this possibly be the long awaited introduction of the Joker?

Monaghan continued:

“I can’t wait for it to all be cut together, and for everything that happened to make its way forward. I can’t wait to see it. It’s a really unique experience and I think the story, it’s really clever. I think it helps spin the narrative of both Jerome and the Joker, in a new and exciting kind of way. It adds its own twist to the mythos. I think it’s really fun and really unique. So yeah. I can’t tell you enough, it’s a really cool challenge.”

It’s very deliberate wording that furthers the Joker mythos and continues dancing around whether we will ever get the Joker. It may not be the Joker, but maybe that person will become the Joker… if he kills Jerome?

Gotham airs on Thursday, at 8PM EST.

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