Review: Trinity #18

“No Home for You” Part II


Writer: James Robinson

Artist: Patch Zircher 

Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb 


Robinson brings us one of the most fun dormant characters from the DC world, Warlord. Wonder Woman is blind, Superman lost his powers and the Trinity needs to get to Skartaris, the land of endless suns. The Warlord and his daughter, Jennifer help guide the lost trio through the unknown land, and thus an epic adventure is bestowed upon them to save Warlord.

The writing is superb, and the art is marvelous. Patch Zircher has a good eye for drawing fantasy. In the past, depictions of Warlord have often made him look weak, but Zircher creates his character to have a perfect balance of terror and mystic. The land carries magic all around it;  from Unicorns and odd monsters to glowing landscapes. A treat of this issue is that we get to see Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman ride unicorns. And that smile Clark shares while riding, you’d never think to see one of the epitomai of masculinity in comics be so happy riding a unicorn.

Another thing I’m loving is Robinson’s dialogue. The Trinity’s support shows. My particular favorite scene is watching Superman draw from Bruce:

“But if Batman has a flaw, it’s that sometimes he forgets that he doesn’t have superpowers at all.”

So what did you do?

“Pretended I was Batman. Forgot. Ignored.”

A small negative point of Wonder Woman. Throughout the Rebirth series, at times Diana is forced into a nurturing role. She is supportive, and a pillar of the Trinity, but writers place a great value on her ability to “be there” for when Superman and Batman fall. It hasn’t been the reverse yet, and I’d love to see that.


A fantastic and fun arc. Trinity has its ups and downs, but wholeheartedly, I think it’s creating a good voice. It’s difficult balancing three super and dominant characters and so one character suffers in development. I’m happy to see this team-up of talents for the series. I’d like to see Diana make a few jokes and have banter in the future, and will Clark name his unicorn as Batman names his cows and horses?

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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