Chris McKay Says ‘Nightwing’ Script Is Nearly Done

Last week, the Nightwing film director Chris McKay gave us a brief update on the film, saying that the script was expected to be finished soon and that he was a long ways away from even considering casting.

This week, as promised, McKay delivered on his Valentine’s Day promise and gave us yet another update. Here is what he had to say:

“The update is: The first draft of the script is nearly done…but we are taking our time with this movie. It will be a long process.”

He also let us know that this will be a very unique DC movie and is 100% his vision of the character of Nightwing.

“This movie will be different than LEGO Batman, different than any other Gotham based film or TV show and will be a wholly original look at Robin/Dick Grayson. Don’t lose hope.”

It could just be McKay speaking without thinking, but I find it interesting that he would refer to him as Robin. Although it is the hero Grayson originally portrayed along with the Batman, one can’t help but wonder if it’s a subtle hint that we’ll also be seeing his origin to becoming Robin and fighting alongside Batman before the Nightwing portion of the film begins.

The LEGO Batman director also revealed what interests him so much about the character of Dick Grayson.

“He’s a fascinating guy to me because he had all the same things happen to him. He’s got some of the same negatives as Bruce Wayne and then from a society standpoint – obviously, he was adopted into Bruce Wayne’s life – but he didn’t start that way. He’s this guy who has all these negatives and then even more negatives and yet he remains. Those are things why I like Dick Grayson, why I like the idea of Nightwing as a movie.”

McKay so obviously has a love and passion for this character that any Nightwing, DC and comic book fan should feel good that the film is in his hands.

Grayson comes from a very similar origin to Bruce, where he was a part of a family who loved him very much and then saw everything end right before his eyes. Bruce recognized that, which is why he brought the boy in. It’ll be great to see a film from Dick’s point of view on how that all turned out, using Bruce as a secondary character.

No official release date or film synopsis is available for Nightwing, but you can keep it to Dark Knight News for more.

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