Having A Sad Day? Watch Tom Hardy Rehearse Bane’s Lines To His Dog

Celebrities, just like as, say weird things to their pets. The actor Tom Hardy, who famously played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises recites the film’s iconic lines to his pet.

Hardy played Bane, the friend of Talia Al Ghul, and foe of the Dark Knight. The film depicted one of Batman’s most physically painful moments, as Bane snaps his back in two. As dark as this sounds, the video below will add more sunshine to your day:

The video is a great addition to your social media feed. It’s adorable and entertaining, and I can NOT believe he is using a cup to mimic the voice.

“You think darkness is your ally?” as he turns to his puppy. “I was born in the dark, molded by it…”

Hardy has now signed a role as Venom in the upcoming film featuring the anti-hero and villain. It is not yet confirmed if its part of the Marvel/Spider-Man reboot universe, but one thing is for sure. This guy has a terrifying talent for playing villains. I would not want to cross any of these bad guys.

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