‘Gotham’ Producers Advance Into ‘Metropolis’ A New Live-Action Series

Warner Bros. Television has signed off a direct-to-series offer for the first season of Metropolis, which is for 13 episodes. Gotham‘s executive producers, John Stephens and Danny Cannon will begin the production of Metropolis later in this year, and plans for release in 2019. This will line up nicely with DC giving us a bomb of shows such as the live-action series Titans, Young Justice season 3, and Harley Quinn: The Animated Series.

It’s so exciting to hear that Metropolis’ skyline was inspired by my city, Toronto, Canada. Joe Shuster, the creator of Superman in 1938, lived his childhood in Canada. As years passed, Metropolis morphed using elements of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. The city of Metropolis has been brought up in the CW as well. Supergirl brings up Metropolis a few times in her live-action series, and so we have canon it exists. However, there is no confirmation that it will be part of the same universe.

The iconic fictional city represents Truth and Justice, where heroes will gather and discuss the future of their planet, their universe. One can only imagine the talent that this series will bring in writing and production. The series will focus on the city before the mild-mannered reporter entered the Daily Planet. Lois Lane and Lex Luthor are expected to be part of the focus. They will include “fringe science,” which gives me a feeling the series will have edge and it may be as dark as Gotham.

Mr. Stephens and Mr. Cannon, could I pass you both a request? Could young Bruce Wayne meet the young Clark Kent? David Mazouz has been excited to meet him!

What are you expecting from Metropolis? Let us know!

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